KISS-DU has set up an innovation council named KISS-DU Innovation Council with seven innovative research centres under it. The Innovation Council is the central body to coordinate the functioning of the innovative research centres, namely

  1. Centre for Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship (KISS Innovation Incubator)
  2. Centre for Sacred Groves
  3. Centre for Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Diversity
  4. Centre for Indigenous Science and Technology
  5. Centre for Indigenous Knowledge on Herbal Medicines and Therapeutics
  6. Centre for Indigenous Languages and Narratives.
  7. Centre for the Study of Indigenous Peoples across the Globe

The purpose of the above research Centres under the Innovation Council is to step up research activities in Tribal Studies from multi-disciplinary perspectives and go about these in a systematic way, prioritizing needs and requirements, setting up short-term and long-term goals, imparting know-how and skills of research to young science students, and above all build up an eco-system for incubation and startup ventures.

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