The Working Committee for the protection, preservation and promotion of Tribal Cultural Diversity in KISS DU was created as per the recommendation of the Tribal Advisory Council.

Dr Kanhu Charan Mahali
Dr Kanhu Charan MahaliChairperson
IPS (Retd.), Director-General, KISS-DU
Shri Kadey Soren
Shri Kadey SorenMember
Deputy Director (Academics), KISS DU
Shri Santosh Maniaka
Shri Santosh ManiakaConvener
PhD Scholar, KISS DU
Smt. Mahi Tudu
Smt. Mahi TuduMember
Teacher & Research Scholar
Shri Sanjeev Kisan
Shri Sanjeev KisanMember
Teacher/Admission-in-charge, KISS
Shri Dillip Kumar Pradhan
Shri Dillip Kumar PradhanMember
Teacher in KISS
Shri Hemsingh Majhi
Shri Hemsingh MajhiMember
Executive Trainee in KISS
Shri Dipti Krishan Pradhan
Shri Dipti Krishan PradhanMember
Teacher in KISS
Shri Lagura Singh
Shri Lagura SinghMember
Executive Trainee in KISS
Shri Dula Bankira
Shri Dula BankiraMember
PhD Scholar, KISS DU