Students need counseling to deal effectively with their problems in day-to-day life situations. Counselling is an “Emotional First Aid” and the professional Counsellors provide unconditional positive regard and support to the students and others stuck up in the journey of life. It helps them to overcome the difficulties and become productive in contributing to the development of a society. Some of the students find it extremely difficult to take decisions on certain issues that are stressful for them, and these issues often relate to their social, emotional, academic, career, family, relationship, physical health as well mental health. They feel inhibited, defeated, frustrated, shy and there is hesitancy in expressing out their feelings before the trained professional counsellors, who are readily available in the university campus to extend a helping hand. Reluctance and resistance to seek professional help like Counselling, often aggravate the problems of the students and these are manifested in their unhealthy thinking, feeling and behavior. Prolonged stress and conflict lead to their academic decline, loss of interest and
energy, lack of peer acceptance, feeling of diffidence, low self-esteem, feelings of isolation and loneliness, mood swings, indecisiveness in choosing a stream to pursue higher studies, career choice, anxiety, depression etc. Trained Counsellors and experienced teachers in the field of mentoring having compassion and empathy can help students to redefine the problems, opting for a different perspective, identifying the goals to achieve, reducing the severity of the problems
and overcoming them gradually through various Counselling techniques. This in turn helps them to lead a better, more meaningful and productive life.

  • Professor Aparajita Chowdhury – Advisor, Vice Chancellor, Rama Devi Women’s University
  • Professor Namita Mohanty – Advisor, Former Professor of Psychology, Utkal University
  • Dr. Sujata Acharya, Principal, KISS College – Director
  • Dr. Rajalaxmi Panda, Dy. Director (Counseling) – Member
  • Ms. Sunanda Mohanty, Manager (HR) – Member
  • Ms. Saismita Swain, Lecturer – Member
  • Ms. Ronali Ray, Counseling Cell, KISS – Member
  • Ms. Mahi Tudu, Asst. Teacher, School Wing – Member

To promote holistic development and happiness among students through Guidance and Counseling

  • Ensuring students’ right to live with dignity, social justice, equality, freedom, hands-on experience and academic excellence through intellectual and spiritual discourses
  • Identifying and strengthening the strengths of students in cognitive, social and emotional domains and utilizing their potentialities for self-growth and the welfare of society at large
  • Learning to love, accept and respect themselves as they are, through appropriate curriculum and pedagogy as well as having regular meaningful interactions with teachers, parents, peers and respectable members from the community
  • Igniting the minds of the young students through debates and discussions with eminent personalities for acquiring skills in problem-solving, decision making, career planning and community services as an outreach programme
  • Inculcating an attitude of gratitude, empathy, compassion and forgiveness in the students to overcome the critical life situations, adapting to the emerging challenges and enjoying a peaceful as well as productive life.
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