The Library is the Heart of the University and the Temple of Learning. Library facilities and services are offered to students, M.Phill and PhD Research scholars and faculty members KISS Deemed to be University. The library plays an integral role in supporting the academic programmes of the university. It identifies, evaluates, procures, processes and then makes these learning resources available to faculty, students and research scholars for their teaching, learning and research assignments. It has over the years built a robust collection of 42,341 books, 38 current subscriptions to print journals, 28 e-journals, 19 magazines, 136 CDs/DVDs, and many other resources

Institutional Repository



The swift progression of information and communication technology has brought a radical change in information and knowledge scenario giving rise to a number of options for the user communities to retrieve pertinent information both in the form of hard and soft documents at their ease. To this effect, the Library has adopted a sound and user-responsive collection building policy. It has been constantly acquiring, organizing and processing conventional as well as electronic learning resources for its user community.

Library Holdings

    • Reference Books: 10,742
    • Text Books: 31,599
    • Book Titles: 8765
    • Print-Journals: 38
    • Magazines: 19
    • Newspapers: 11 (English, Hindi, Oriya)
    • E-Journals: 28

Library Infrastructure

  •  The total Library Carpet area – 4000 sq mts
  • 100 seating capacity reading hall across libraries of KISS- DU
  • The library is under the CCTV surveillance
  • Air-conditioned library
ANTHROPOLOGY No. of Issues per Year
1 Eastern Anthropologist 4
2 Journal of Rural Development 4
3 Indian Journal of Social Work 4
4 Journal of Ind. Council of Philosophical Res. 3
5 World Focus 12
6 Hill Geographer 2
7 Economic & Political Weekly 52
8 Indian Journal of Gender Studies 3
9 History and Sociology of South Asia 2
10 International Journal of Enhanced Research in Educational Development 12
11 Journal of Educational Technology 4
12 Indian Literature 6
13 University News 50
14 Literary Oracle 2
15 Rock Pebbles 4
16 Hans 12
17 Prachya Sanskrit 1
18 Vyasasrih 2
19 Konark 4
20 Jhankar 12
21 Psychological Studies 4
22 Asian Journal of Home Science 2
23 Adivasi 2
24 Goods and Services Tax 52
25 Corporate Professionals Today 52
26 Indian Journal of Physics 14
27 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 12
28 Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences 6
29 International Journal of Mathematics (IJMM) 2
30 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 4
31 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences (Botany) 2
22 Indian Journal of Applied and Pure Biology 2
33 Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences (Zoology) 2
34 Current Science 24
35 International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA) 2
36 Indian Journal of Information Technology (INDJIT) 6
37 Journal of Information Technology 4
38 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology 6
Sl. No. Name of Magazines Frequency No. of Issues per Year
01 Physics for You Monthly 12
02 Chemistry Today Monthly 12
03 Mathematics To-day Monthly 12
04 Biology To-day Monthly 12
05 Banking Services Chronicle Monthly 12
06 Competition Success Review Monthly 12
07 Civil Services Chronicle Monthly 12
08 Kurukshetra Monthly 12
09 India To-day Weekly 52
10 Pratiyogita Darpan Monthly 12
11 Science Reporter Monthly 12
12 Competition in Focus Monthly 12
13 Yojana (English Language) Monthly 12
14 Yojana (Odia Language) Monthly 12
15 Economic Political Weekly Weekly 52
16 wisdom Monthly 12
17 General Knowledge To-day Monthly 12
18 Kadambini, Odia Monthly 12
19 Kunikatha, Odia Monthly 12
Sl. No Name of Newspaper Language
01 Pragativadi Odia
02 Suryaprava Odia
03 Sarbasadharana Odia
04 The Samaja Odia
05 Dharitri Odia
06 Sambad Odia
07 The Times of India English
08 The NewIndian Express English
09 The Hindu English
10 The Economic Times English
11 Dainik Jagarana Hindi is a statistical database. is a statistical database.


  • Reference Services
  • Circulation
  • Current Awareness Services
  • Web-based Digital Library Services
  • User Awareness Programs
  • Authentication Testing of In house publications
  • Book Display
Name of the Staff Designation
Rabin Kumar Khandayatray Chief Librarian
Kalandi Charana Swain Asst. Chief Librarian
Namita Raj Librarian
Bishikeshan Mohapatra Programme Assistant
Gitanjali Nayak Library Assistant
Manoj Kumar Nayak Executive Trainee
Arati Pradhan Attendant
Dibyadarshini Nayak Attendant
  1. Prof. Ashok Kumar Mohapatra, Senior Prof. English KISS-DU- Chairman
  2. Dr. Bijayalaxmi Routray, Chief Librarian, KIIT-DU – Advisor
  3. Dr. Chandrakanta Swain, Librarian, IIM, Raipur – Advisor
  4. Dr. Kanhu Charan Mahali, Director General, KISS-DU – Advisor
  5. Dr. Krupasindhu Nayak, Library Committee In-charge – Coordinator
  6. Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhay, Associate Professor, KISS-DU-Member
  7. Dr. Chittaranjan Bhoi, Vice Principal, KISS- Member
  8. Mr. Atul Nag, Associate Professor, KISS-DU-Technical Advisor
  9. Mr. Dhanbal Majhi, PhD Scholar, KISS-DU-Member
  10. Mr. Rabin Kumar Khandayatray, Chief Librarian, KISS-DU- Convener
  1. Prof. Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice-Chancellor, KISS DU, (Chairman)
  2. Prof. Jugalkishore Mishra, Director, IQAC
  3. Prof. Harischandra Sahoo, Chair Prof. Bhima Bhoi Research Chair
  4. Prof. Bijayananda Singh, Chair Professor Gopabandhu Research Chair
  5. Dr. Sujata Acharya, Principal
  6. Dr. Chittaranjan Bhoi, Vice Principal
  7. Dr. Tripura Mishra, Vice Principal
  8. Dr. Krupasindhu Nayak, Library Committee in charge
  9. Dr. Snigdharani Panda, Dean
  10. Dr. Iswar Chandra Naik, Dean
  11. Dr. Rasmita Tripathy, Dean
  12. Dr. Manoj Kumar Behera, Dean
  13. Dr. Rashmi Mohapatra, Dean
  14. Prof. Ashok Kumar Mohapatra, Senior Prof. English
  15. Mr. Atul Nag, Associate Prof. Computer Science
  16. Dr. Yasobanta Das, Lect. in Chemistry
  17. Dr Mrutyunjaya Nayak, Lect. in Physics
  18. Dr. Ratnakar Mohapatra, Lect. in History
  19. Dr. Sishir Kumar Tripathy, Lect. in History
  20. Dr. Bedamati Pattanaik , Lect. in English
  21. Mr. Mahat Satpathy, Lect. in Zoology
  22. Mr. Gopal Krushna Jena, Lect. in Economics
  23. Mr. Rabin Kumar Khandayatray, Chief Librarian

Library Rules and Regulations

  • Users are not allowed to enter the Library without his/her own Identity card.
  • Library cards are not transferable.
  • The users must keep their personal belongings at the property counter Including Issued books, personal books etc.
  • The library allows direct access to bookshelf. However, the users should not disturb the arrangement of books. They may leave any book taken out by them and keep it at issue counter so that it can be property restored on the shelf by the library staff.
  • E-library is only for accessing electronic resources. Personal work like email, social networking and chatting sites etc. are not allowed within the e-Library.
  • Members should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc. while taking the book and report the matter to the staff.
  • Members can reserve their requisite books at Reference Desk. The concerned member will be informed when the books is available in stock. The member shall use the book with in the period prescribed. If not claimed within the prescribed period the book will be allotted to the next claimant.
  • Users assume the obligation of keeping the library materials in good condition. Materials damaged, defaced or lost must have to be replaced by a fresh copy. Otherwise three times cost of the book at current/market price will be realized from the borrower.
  • Withdrawals of membership shall be made in writing in the prescribed form and shall be presented at the office one week before the commencement of the calendar month from which the withdrawals is desired failing which he/she will continue to be charged the usual subscriptions. Members desiring to discontinue his/her membership can do so by:
  • Clearing all dues, if any
  • Returning library membership cards
  • Use of speaker phone/head phone is not allowed in the library.
  • Use of mobile phones inside the library is strictly prohibited. Users are required to keep their mobile phones switched off.
  • Spitting, smoking, drinking, eating or chewing of tobacco, sleeping, loitering, gossiping inside the library is strictly forbidden. Appropriate action will be taken for breaking of rules.
  • Disfiguration, damage or marking of any kind on any book or any other material belonging to the library is punishable with fine.
  • If in any case the authority feels a member/user is disturbing other users, he/she may be disallowed entry into the library and admission to the library may be refused to anyone who violates the library Rules and Regulations.
  • Mutual conversation inside the library is not allowed. However, they can use the discussion Room for the purpose. Similarly, an unruly behavior is not allowed in the library. This is of utmost importance to allow each member to have a calm environment within the library.
  • Readers should be courteous to the Chief Librarian, library staff and fellow users.
  • Suggestions for desirable help or improvement of facilities in the library can be submitted, preferably in written form to the Chief Librarian.