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Institutional Repository


Subject No. of Issues per Year
1 World Focus 12
2 Journal of Educational Technology 4
3 Journal of Community Guidance and Research (JCGR) 3
4 Edutracks 12
5 Economic and Political Weekly 52
6 Adivasi 2
7 Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology 2
8 Psychological Studies 4
9 The Eastern Anthropologist 4
10 Journal of the Indian Anthropological Society 3
11 Journal of Rural Development 4
12 Indian Journal of Social Work 4
13 Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research 3
14 International Journal of Home Science 2
15 Research and Reviews – Journal of Life Science 2
16 Annals of the National Association of Geographers 2
17 The Geographical Society of India 2
18 Literary Oracle 2
19 Indian Literature 6
20 Rock Pebbles 4
21 Konark 4
22 Jhankar 12
23 Hans 12
24 International Journal of Sanskrit Research (Ananta ) 6
25 Vyasasrih 2
26 Indian Journal of Physics 14
27 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics 12
28 Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences 6
29 Current Green Chemistry 2
30 Plant Physiology Reports 12
31 Proceeding of National Academy of Science India Sec-A 12
32 Proceeding of National Academy of Science India Sec-B 12
33 Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 4
34 Current Science 24
35 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 12
36 Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge 4
37 International Journal of Mathematics (IJMM) 2
38 Journal on Information Technology 4
39 Goods and Services Tax Cases 52
40 Corporate Professionals Today 52
41 Journal of Food Science & Technology 12
42 Quarterly Current Affairs-2023 (Disha Publication ) 16
Sl. No. Name of Magazines Frequency No. of Issues per Year
01 Physics for You Monthly 12
02 Chemistry Today Monthly 12
03 Mathematics To-day Monthly 12
04 Biology To-day Monthly 12
05 Banking Services Chronicle Monthly 12
06 Competition Success Review Monthly 12
07 Civil Services Chronicle Monthly 12
08 Kurukshetra Monthly 12
09 India To-day Weekly 52
10 Pratiyogita Darpan Monthly 12
11 Science Reporter Monthly 12
12 Competition in Focus Monthly 12
13 Yojana (English Language) Monthly 12
14 Yojana (Odia Language) Monthly 12
15 Economic Political Weekly Weekly 52
16 wisdom Monthly 12
17 General Knowledge To-day Monthly 12
18 Kadambini, Odia Monthly 12
19 Kunikatha, Odia Monthly 12
Sl. No Name of Newspaper Language
01 Pragativadi Odia
02 Sarbasadharana Odia
03 The Samaja Odia
04 Dharitri Odia
05 Sambad Odia
06 The Times of India English
07 The NewIndian Express English
08 The Hindu English
09 The Economic Times English
10 Dainik Jagarana Hindi
www.indiastat.com is a statistical database.

www.indiastat.com – Statistical Database

Indiastat (subscribed in February 2022) serves with authentic and perhaps the most comprehensive compilation of secondary-level socio-economic statistical information about India and its states on various socio-economic parameters. These parameters are General Info, Demographics, Economy, Agriculture, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Environment and Forest, Industries, Infrastructure, companies, Education, Health, Housing, Labour & Workforce, Polity, Media, Insurance, Tourism, Crime & Law, Social Welfare & Developmental Schemes etc.

1. IEL Online 22916 IEEE & IET full text journals & magazines and conference proceedings,
2. Science Direct 3984 e-Journals & 42 e-Books on Computer Science, Health Sciences, Business, Management, Accounting, Economics, Econometrics and Finance
3. ACM Digital Library 61+ e-Journals and Magazines, 2537+ Scholarly Materials and Newsletters.
4. ABI/Inform Complete 4,200+ e-journals and magazines on Business Management and allied subjects
5. Emerald 310-journals on Accounting, Finance & Economics, Business, Management & Strategy, Education, HR, Information & Knowledge Management, Library Sciences, Marketing Operations, Logistics, Public Policy & Environmental Management
6. EBSCO Business Source Complete It covers 6934 number of journals & magazines of business, marketing, management, accounting, banking and finance
7. Taylor & Francis Online Journals 1500 e-journals on Arts & Humanities, Management, Geography, Museum & Heritage Studies |
8. JStor Access to more than 3000 journals, booksimages, and primary sources in 75 disciplines.
9. E-Bray(Proquest) 1,36,268 + e-books
10. EBSCO Rare Books

The Atla Historical Monographs Collection: Provides religious and theological literature from the late 13th century to 1922.
11. PQDT (Proquest Dissertation & Theses) Contains 4 million+ dissertation and theses on Science & Technology, Social Science & Humanities.
12. SCOPUS (Bibliographic E-Database) Indexing database of 22500+ e-journals from 5000+ publishers
13. Web of Science(Bibliographic E-Database) KCI-Korean Journal Database: 1980-present; Russian Science Citation Index: 2005present; SciELO Citation Index: 1997-present;

Web of Science Core Collection: Science Citation Index Expanded: 1985-present;

Social Sciences Citation Index: 1985-present;

Arts & Humanities Citation Index: 1985-present;

Book Citation Index; Science: 2005-present; Conference Proceedings Citation Index; Science: 2005-present;

Emerging Sources Citation Index: 2005-present


The University library, housed in a 2 storied building spread over11246 sq.ft. area with fully Air conditioned facilities in an independent building. Library facilities & services are offered to the students’, research scholars & Faculty members of 7 innovative schools of KISS Deemed to be University. Books, Journals and Magazines in physical form and E-Journals, E-Books in digital form are available in the library for the users of the University. Digital library, Mini-conference hall, Open air learning system like advanced facilities available for the students, research Scholars and staff members of the University.


  • Access to 1,67,637 e-Books
  • Access to 24,720 e-Journals
  • Access to 4.4 million + e-theses & dissertations
  • Circulation of Books to the users from a total collection of 52186 books available in the University Library
  • Facilitates the Use of 42 Print Journals to the users of various disciplines.
  • Facilitates the use of 19 print Magazines to the users
  • Facilitates to access & use of 10 national and regional newspapers covering English, Hindi & Odia Languages
  • Facilitates Mini conference cum discussion Zone
  • Facilitates Sophisticated Reading area
  • Facilitates Separate Faculty Zone


  • Fully automated Library operation with Libsys -10 LMS for cloud
  • Web based digital library Services
  • Library web portal
  • Orientation program
  • Journal, Magazine, Newspaper & Media Zone
  • Open Air learning
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Current Awareness Services
  • Institutional Repository
  • Online Public Access catalogue (OPAC)
  • Reprography Service

Library Management

Sl. No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice Chancellor, KISS-DU Chairman


2 Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray, Registrar, KISS-DU Convener
3 Prof. Jugal Kishore Mishra, Chair Professor & Director, IQAC, KISS-DU Member
4 Prof. Harischandra Sahoo, Chair Professor, Bhima Bhoi Research Chair, KISS-DU Member
5 Dr. Kanhu Charan Mahali, Director, Training and Placement, KISS-DU Member
6 Dr. Snigdharani Panda, Associate Professor and Chairperson Council of Deans, KISS-DU Member
7 Dr. Krupasindhu Nayak, Assistant Professor & Professor In-charge Library, KISS-DU Member
8 Dr. Manoj Kumar Behera, Associate Professor and Dean, School of THTI, KISS-DU Member
9 Dr. Rashmi Mohapatra, Associate Professor and Dean, School of CIST, KISS-DU Member
10 Dr. Rasmita Tripathy, Associate Professor and Dean, School of CTLL, KISS-DU Member
11 Dr. Ratnakar Mohapatra, Associate Professor and Dean, School of TCPE, KISS-DU Member
12 Dr. Yasobanta Das, Associate Professor and Dean, School of IKST, KISS-DU Member
13 Dr. Pragyan Mohanty, Associate Professor and Dean, School of TLST, KISS-DU Member
14 Dr. Ajay Kumar Nanda, Deputy Finance Officer, KISS-DU Member
15 Dr. Sunaram Soren, Assistant Professor, KISS-DU Member
16 Dr. Simpul Behera, Assistant Professor, KISS-DU Member
17 Mr. Rabin Kumar Khandayatray, Chief Librarian, KISS-DU Member
Name of the Staff Designation
Rabin Kumar Khandayatray Chief Librarian
Kalandi Charana Swain Asst. Chief Librarian
Namita Raj Librarian
Nabakrushna Choudhury Librarian
Bishikeshan Mohapatra Programme Assistant
Gitanjali Nayak Library Assistant
Manoj Kumar Nayak Executive Trainee
Ajay Kumar Kishan Library Assistant
Dibyadarshini Nayak Library Trainee
Arati Pradhan Attendant
Surama Behera Attendant

Library Rules and Regulations

  • Users are not allowed to enter the Library without his/her own Identity card.
  • The users must keep their personal belongings at the property counter Including Issued books, personal books etc.
  • The library allows direct access to bookshelf. However, the users should not disturb the arrangement of books. They may leave any book taken out by them and keep it at issue counter so that it can be properly restored on the shelf by the library staff.
  • Digital Library is only for accessing electronic resources. Personal work like email, social networking and chatting sites etc. are not allowed within the digital Library.
  • Members should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc. while taking the book and report the matter to the staff.
  • Members can reserve their requisite books at Reference Desk. The concerned member will be informed when the books is available in stock. The member shall use the book with in the period prescribed. If not claimed within the prescribed period the book will be allotted to the next claimant.
  • Users assume the obligation of keeping the library materials in good condition. Materials damaged, defaced or lost must have to be replaced by a fresh copy. Otherwise the cost of the book at current/market price will be realized from the borrower.
  • Use of speaker phone/head phone is not allowed in the library.
  • Use of mobile phones inside the library is strictly prohibited. Users are required to keep their mobile phones switched off / silent mode .
  • Spitting, consuming of tobacco, sleeping, loitering, gossiping inside the library is strictly forbidden. Appropriate action will be taken for breaking of rules.
  • Disfiguration, damage or marking of any kind on any book or any other material belonging to the library is strictly prohibited.
  • Mutual conversation inside the library is not allowed. However, they can use the discussion Room for the purpose. A calm environment within the library is of utmost importance.
  • Suggestions for desirable help or improvement of facilities in the library can be submitted, preferably in written form to the Chief Librarian.