KISS University

Cultural Wealth

Increased urbanisation has started taking its toll on the tribal community and their way of life. Various tribes all across India face the threat of extinction. Indigenous Peoples are culturally striking societies and communities. Their dependency for survival is inseparably linked to their identities, cultures, livelihoods, as well as their physical and spiritual well-being. Indigenous peoples today, are possibly among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of people in the world. The international community now recognises that special measures are required to protect their rights and maintain their distinct cultures and way of life.

The tribes of India have truly struggled and achieved great heights in various fields. Their constraints could not limit their achievements and we can’t choose to ignore their significance.

The university focuses on preserving an array of cultural knowledge, skills and abilities possessed by these socially marginalised groups that often go unrecognised and unacknowledged.

KISS University has taken initiative in these areas by introducing the seven programs  running in six schools focusing exclusively on tribal culture, heritage, language and rights.

Classes are conducted for tribal dance, music and instrumental to embrace the beauty of the art forms and pass it to the next generation.

Dance has always been a form of expression of every special moments of the tribal, so much emphasis is laid on the various forms of tribal dance.