It may be stated that an Amphitheatre is located at Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) Deemed to be University. The Amphitheatre is an integral part of our university’s campus and serves various essential functions as per the following details:

Purpose and Usage

  • The Amphitheatre is intended for educational, cultural, and recreational purposes within the university community.
  • It is also used for academic lectures, seminars, workshops, cultural performances, and other university-related events.

Capacity and Facilities

  • The Amphitheatre has a seating capacity of 150.
  • Its length is 11 ft., and its width is 39 ft.
  • It has audio-visual facilities to support presentations and performances, including microphones, projectors, and screens.
  • Adequate seating arrangements, lighting, and ventilation have been ensured for the audience’s comfort.


  • The Amphitheatre is accessible to all university community members, including those with disabilities, in compliance with relevant accessibility regulations.

Maintenance and Safety

  • Regular maintenance and safety checks will be conducted to ensure the Amphitheatre is safe and operational.
  • Fire safety measures and emergency exits are in place and marked.