National Seminar on Tribal Resource Management and Sustainable Development

A seminar on “Tribal Resource Management & Sustainable Development” was organised in collaboration with the Indian Commerce Association with the objective of creating and developing economic avenues for the tribal community.

National Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility and Tribal Development

A seminar on the theme “Corporate Social Responsibility and Tribal Development” was held in association with South Eastern Pipelines, Bhubaneswar Indian Oil Corporation wherein the dignitaries shared their hands on experiences with the gathering.

National Seminar on History, Origin and Development of Primitive Tribal Group in Odisha

A national seminar on the topic “History, Origin and Development of Primitive Tribal Groups in Odisha” embraced aspects like origin, socio-cultural life, political organisation, economic subsistence, religious beliefs and practices, medicinal practices, educational systems.

National Seminar on Tribal Administration and Governance

This national seminar underlined the theme “Tribal Administration and Governance” and guests talked about PESA Act and tribal governance of Odisha, the socio-cultural empowerment of tribal women and changing levels of forest governance.

Exhibition on Tribal Culture & Heritage

An exhibition was organised by all the departments specialising in tribal studies. These departments had put up stalls exhibiting tribal culture, heritage, medicines, food, crops, livelihood, customs and traditions, costumes and jewellery.

Workshops for Teachers

A workshop was customised for teachers of Science subjects with a focus on pedagogy and stress on the importance of designing lesson plans, concept mapping and constructing teaching-learning materials.

A workshop was curated for English teachers with the purpose of elevating the English proficiency of our students. It comprised teaching methodology (prose and poetry), techniques of writing answers in examinations, rules of Grammar and creative writing. Experts from different areas of specialisation covered all the relevant aspects of reducing teaching and learning gaps specifically in English.

National Seminar on Participation of Indigenous people in Commerce based Education in India

A national seminar was organised on the topic “Participation of Indigenous people in Commerce based education”. During the brainstorming session various innovative and creative ideas came to the forefront which would act as a catalyst in the process of maximising participation of indigenous population, hence, encouraging entrepreneurial skills and planting the seed of start-ups in them.

State, Civil Society and Public Policy: Towards Tribal Development in India

A national seminar on “State, Civil Society and Public Policy” was designed with the intention of brain-storming prospective policies which can contribute towards the growth and development of tribal communities in India.

National Seminar on Teaching Methodology for Tribal students: Issues & Concerns

A national seminar on the topic “Teaching Methodology for Tribal Students” was organised with the objective of framing teaching methodologies that take the target group into consideration while delivering lectures in classrooms. The aim was to design a user-friendly, technology-driven classroom, to impart quality education to students.

National Seminar on Tribal Education in Contemporary Society: Issues and Challenges

A national seminar on the topic “Tribal Education in Contemporary Society” was organised to elevate standards of tribal education in contemporary society. It also covered the current gaps in the tribal education system while presenting measures to bridge those gaps.

IUAES Meet 2018

The 2018 World Congress set the platform for 19th IUAES World Congress 2023. It is going to be jointly organised by KISS in association with KIIT University, Sambalpur University, Utkal University and the Indian Anthropological Association. The congress will facilitate discussion around the theme “Anthropology in Public Sphere: Global Peace and Development”.

National Seminar on Role of Science and Technology in the Upliftment of Tribals

A national seminar on “Role of Science and Technology in the upliftment of Tribals” was organised to create awareness on the role and importance of science and technology in elevating the standards of living of indigenous people. Addressing the topic, dignitaries briefed the audience about new trends in this field, while also enumerating ways in which to reap maximum benefits.

Workshop on Molecular Techniques

A workshop on Molecular Techniques was organised in collaboration with Institute of Life Sciences (ILS) for the benefit of undergraduate students. It aimed to acquaint students with practical knowledge of basic techniques in molecular biology.

National Seminar on Technological Intervention for improving Health and Nutrition of Tribal Communities

A two day national seminar was organised on the topic “Technological intervention for improving health and nutrition of Tribal Communities”. Dignitaries underlined the urgent need to make technology affordable, acceptable and available to tribal people. They also focused on retention of cultural heritage along with the preservation of medicinal plants. This could provide a futuristic approach towards handling health hazards like infant mortality.