The Madhusudhan Das Research Chair and the School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures at Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) Deemed to be University organized a thought-provoking Distinguished Invited Lecture on the “Undying Legacy of Madhusudhan Das” on 16th January 2024. 

The program commenced with a vibrant opening song performed by the talented students of KISS Deemed to be University, setting the stage for an intellectually stimulating evening. Following the musical overture, Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice Chancellor of the university, delivered the Welcome Address, expressing gratitude to all participants and emphasizing the importance of exploring the legacy of Madhusudhan Das. 

On the occasion, a book on Communicative English authored by Dr. Ratnaprava Parija, Assistant Professor, English Programme, School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures, KISS-DU was released in the presence of academic stalwarts. The theme of the lecture was introduced by Professor Jugal Kishore Mishra, Research Chair Professor Madhusudan Research Chair and Director of the IQAC Cell, KISS-DU. Professor Mishra provided insights into the life and contributions of Madhusudhan Das, setting the tone for the subsequent discussions. 

Dr. Chittaranjan Bhoi, Director of the Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) and Head of the English Programme, took the stage to introduce Professor Jnanadeva Moharana an Honorary Scientist associated with the Indian National Science Academy. Dr. Bhoi highlighted the speaker’s illustrious career and academic achievements, building anticipation for the insightful address to follow. 

Professor Jnanadeva Moharana, in his address, delved into the undying legacy of Madhusudhan Das, shedding light on his multifaceted contributions to various fields. The lecture provided a comprehensive overview of Madhusudhan Das’s life, work, and enduring impact on society. He encouraged all the participants to prepare a biography of Madhusudhan Das, at least in English so that everyone can read it and know more about him. 

Following the lecture, participants engaged in a stimulating discussion on the theme, sharing perspectives and insights. The exchange of ideas and opinions enriched the intellectual atmosphere, fostering a deeper understanding of Madhusudhan Das’s legacy. The event concluded with Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray, the Registrar of KISS Deemed to be University, delivering the Concluding Remarks. Dr. Routray expressed gratitude to the Distinguished Speaker, participants, and organizers for their valuable contributions, making the event a success. He concluded the program with a Word of Thanks, acknowledging the collaborative efforts of everyone involved in organizing the Distinguished Invited Lecture. 

Overall, the event proved to be a remarkable gathering of intellects, reflecting the commitment of KISS Deemed to be University to foster academic discourse and preserving the legacy of visionaries like Madhusudhan Das. The entire event was successfully coordinated by Dr. Rasmita Tripathy, Associate Professor and Dean, SCTLL.