On April 12th, 2024, an illuminating talk titled “#GIGTALK | Navigating the Gig Economy” unfolded at KISS-DU. The event, jointly organized by GIZ and 21CC Education, captivated the audience of Computer Science Programme students from the School of Indigenous Knowledge, Science, and Technology, (SIKST), KISS-DU.
Kriti Talwar from 21CC Education kickstarted the discourse with a comprehensive overview of the gig economy, underscoring its pivotal role in today’s global landscape. Pooja Gianchandani, the Advisor on Global Digital Economy at GIZ, delved into the intricacies of the gig economy worldwide. Her presentation not only shed light on the myriad opportunities for gig workers but also outlined 30 indispensable skills crucial for thriving in this dynamic sector. She further delved into the imperative of fair work conditions, discussing the challenges confronted by gig workers on a global scale.

Atul Nag, Associate Professor, Computer Programme (SIKST) from the KISS-DU provided valuable insights into the local gig economy in Odisha. He elaborated on key technical skills essential for success in the platform economy and spoke at length about the unique challenges and opportunities specific to the region.
Post-lecture, students actively engaged with the speakers, raising insightful questions spanning various facets of the gig economy. Ms. Gianchandani also introduced the audience to ATINGI, GIZ’s e-learning platform offering extensive resources on the gig economy. The event witnessed the presence of Mr. Sanjay Tiwari, CEO of 21CC Education, and Ms. Shweta Kochatta, Deputy Director at RIS, KIIT & KISS Group of Institutions.
Ms. Talwar concluded the session by outlining a roadmap for the future, emphasizing upcoming initiatives such as training programs for both trainers and students focused on freelancing and the gig economy in the forthcoming semesters.