Project Description

The proposed objectives of the Centre for Indigenous Science and Technology are, initially to identify and record unique indigenous techniques traditionally used in tribal farming, ecosystem management, and wellness, and prepare communications recommending tribal practices that can be incorporated into modern farming and environmental science. It will also perform chronotype and exome-mapping of the extant tribes and identify susceptibility to diseases, if any, based on the exome sequence, and also perform mental health mapping using anxiety, mood, and sleep-based studies

The Centre for Indigenous Science and Technology will conduct public outreach programmes specifically designed for the tribal youth population in order to introduce the latest developments in science and technology to them, in a systematic manner, using easy-to-understand multimedia presentations. It will also record indigenous knowledge regarding flora and fauna, their behaviour, ecological importance, and interactions, and analyze this information to identify keystone species.

  1. The Centre will do what is called “Buzz mining”, which means exploring the recent trends in the research area, finding the keywords which occur most frequently (can be a gene, protein, mechanism, pathway, etc.).
  2. This centre will take up a Comparative Deconstruction by way of finding out the techniques used by others to perform their experiments. Identify techniques possible and feasible at KISS-DU or through a collaborator.