Project Description

Centre for Indigenous Languages and Dialects will endeavour to meet the objective of preserving, protecting and promoting the tribal cultural diversity as well as heritage in Odisha. Since tribal languages and dialects (mother tongues) are the codes of their respective cultures, and some of these are on the verge of extinction, these have to be identified and preserved through the practices of mapping and documentation.

The languages of the 62 tribal groups and the 13 particularly vulnerable tribal groups across Odisha, the highest number in both categories in India, are to be mapped to ascertain not only their geographic patterns of distribution but study the local variations within specific language boundaries. In this connection, data are to be collected by student volunteers and collaboration be done with research institutions and universities such as the Academy of Tribal Languages and Cultures, Government of Odisha, SCSTRTI, Odisha and CIIL, Mysore, Government of India, Central University of Koraput, Sambalpur University, Kalahandi University etc.

  1. This Centre envisages preparation bilingual and even tri-lingual lexicons, involving tribal languages and Odia as well as English from general service list,  writing of rudimentary grammar of select tribal languages with a focus on syntax
  2. Transcription and translation of tribal folkloric narratives


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Language plays a crucial role in preserving culture in our society and acts as a repository of traditional knowledge, memories, values, practices and unique worldviews that have been used, transformed and practised in the [...]