The training cum workshop is to facilitate internal training for faculty members. This is the pre-pilot training or initial training cum workshop for the AURORA course developed by the Consortium. It has been categorized into three modules. This program will help in the development of teaching methodologies and pedagogic tools for teacher transformation of specialists in the above-mentioned areas and subsequently impart training. The participants are expected to furnish feedback and a handbook developed by the resource partners. AURORA will transfer best practices related to ‘Education for Democratic Citizenship’, ‘Education for gender equality and ‘Combating Radicalism through Education’. It will embrace pedagogical approaches from the EU to Asia and HEIs in terms of activities, training materials, tools, and processes. A curriculum will be developed with a collaborative approach to the above-mentioned three areas which will be further taught at a High Education level in Universities. AURORA partners are committed to adopting the practices developed in the EU to their cultural contexts and integrating them. AURORA resources will enable setting AURORA Centers in partner HEIs and help create the infrastructure to sustain them. The training cum workshop was conducted virtually.