KISS DU Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC)
Organizes Panel discussion with innovation startup ecosystem enablers from national levels
Traditional Agriculture of Tribal Communities and Developing Entrepreneurship for Income Generation

Expert Panelists for the Discussion:

Professor Siba Prasad Adhikari; Former Vice-Chancellor | F. M. University | Tribal Agri entrepreneur | Sustainable Development

Priti Pandey; Founder CEO | BIONGS Technologies Private Limited| Agri Entrepreneur Growth Strategist


To create awareness among the students regarding the innovation ecosystem by transforming new ideas into reality through identifying issues in agriculture and create startup ecosystem.

Session Brief:

  • Fundamental understanding of agriculture ecosystem
  • Brief discussion on demand and scope in agriculture sector
  • Identification of needs in agriculture sector
  • Prototype testing marketing for new business
  • Challenges faced after testing and check if the product is suitable for B2B or B2C Revenue model

Key highlights of the session:

  • How to develop business fundings
  • Generating funds through sponsors, market in agriculture sector
  • Idea sharing- “Do not share idea with everyone, share with industry peers”
  • How to expand existing business
  • Thorough study of all resources before starting business or entering market

Key outcomes of the session:

The session on “Traditional Agriculture of Tribal Communities and Developing Entrepreneurship for Income Generation” likely aimed to explore the intersection of traditional farming practices within tribal communities and the potential for entrepreneurship to generate income. Some key outcomes have been discussed:

  1. Preservation of Traditional Agricultural Knowledge
  2. Sustainable Farming Techniques
  3. Local Seed Varieties and Crop Diversity
  4. Cultural Significance
  5. Income Generation Through Value Addition
  6. Market Access and Marketing Strategies
  7. Training and Capacity Building
  8. Supportive Policies and Financial Assistance
  9. Partnerships and Collaboration
  10. Long-Term Sustainability