Adhere to Competency, Courage and Compassion to get Success in Life: Spiritual Guru Sri OM Swami JI

Eminent Spiritual Guru Sri OM Swami ji visited KIIT and KISS and enlightened one and all through his divine discourse on “Spiritual Art of Success” carrying immense moral values. Addressing the students, staff and dignitaries present on the occasion, Swamiji advised for adhering to Three-C Principles, i.e. Competency, Courage and Compassion to fetch success in life.

The first principle of success is ‘Competence‘ with which one can navigate to achieve goals in life.

“The fundamental difference between competency and incompetency is consistency.”

he said.

The second principle that Swamiji cited is ‘Courage‘. One needs to display requisite courage in time of need, because it invigorates rate of success.

The third principle of success, according to Swamiji is ‘Compassion‘. He remarked that a life without compassion is simply worthless.

On Meditation Swamiji said, “Silence is the glimpse of meditation. You have to build your concentration to excel in meditation, then practice to remain sometime in quiet posture.”

On the phobia tendency of human beings, he said that there are two kind of fear, i.e. instinctive fear and conditional fear. he went on elucidating, “Let’s assume that we are competent enough to do anything. If we make ourselves prepared to accept the worst consequences then there is no need to fear. Good Mentor, Good Teacher and Good Guide can help you to overcome your fear”, Swamiji advised.