On 28th April 2023, the School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures in collaboration with the School of Tribal Resource Management, KISS-DU, organised a poem recitation event to observe the birth anniversary of Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das. The event was held at the university premises and was attended by the Heads of all the Programmes of both the Schools.

The event began with a welcome address by Dr Rasmita Tripathy, the Associate Professor of Odia and the Dean of the School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures. She expressed her gratitude to all the participants and highlighted the importance of observing the birth anniversary of Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das, who was a renowned personality in Odisha and a pioneer in several fields. Dr. Tripathy then invited the students and Ph.D. scholars to recite their poems on Madhu Babu, which they had prepared after conducting extensive research on his life and achievements.

The poems highlighted the various aspects of Madhusudan Das’s life, including his contributions to the Indian National Congress, his role in the formation of Utkal Sammilani, and his efforts towards the upliftment of the people of Odisha. The participants also discussed various facets of Madhusudan Das’s personality and his legacy, which continue to inspire the people of Odisha and beyond.

After the recitation event, a discussion was held among the participants, where they shared their thoughts and opinions on Madhusudan Das’s life and works. The discussion provided the students and scholars with a platform to exchange their ideas and perspectives on the great personality and his contributions.
Dr Chittaranjan Bhoi, the Associate Professor of English and the Head of the English Programme, concluded the event by delivering a vote of thanks. He appreciated the efforts of the students and scholars in preparing their poems and conducting research on Madhusudan Das. Dr Bhoi also emphasised the importance of such events in preserving Odisha’s cultural heritage and intellectual legacy and its great personalities. He also appreciated the student organisers of both the Schools for coordinating the entire event.