The Philosophy Programme, under the School of Tribal Culture, Philosophy and Eco-spiritualism (TCPE), KISS-DU paid homage to Professor J.N. Mohanty, an internationally acclaimed philosopher who passed away on 07.03.2023 at the age of 95 years in Philadelphia. The staff and students of Philosophy Programme, KISS-DU paid tribute to Professor Mohanty for his contributions to the field of Philosophy. A condolence meeting was organized on 18th March 2023.

Dr. Rajan, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Programme spoke about the brief life history and works of Prof. J.N. Mohanty. The meeting was conduct by Dr. Malay Bhoi, Assistant Professor in Philosophy the Seminar-in-Charge. Prof. S.C. Panigrahi, Professor Emeritus, KISS-DU talked about the philosophy of the late professor and highlighted his belief of simple living and high thinking. He occupied the most prestigious post of Director in Husserl’s Archieve  in Germany. Prof. Mohanty was out and out a propagator of Husserlian Phenomenology and tried his best to explain phenomenology to the Western as well Indian scholars. Because of his writings, Prof. Mohanty was awarded Humboldt prize in the year 1992 for outstanding research work in Philosophy in German Language. Prof. Mohanty in his early career as a young Research Scholar was an admirer of Gandhi, Tagore, Marx, Sankara and Sri Aurovindo. He was an original researcher on Navya Nyaya. He was a Professor of Philosophy in different Indian universities like Burdhwan, Calcutta, Jadavpur. He worked in the Department of Philosophy in Temple University, Emory University, Gorgia as Woodruff Professor. He has earned a lot of honours and accolades and written a dozen of books both in Indian and Western Philosophy.

Professor Harischandra Sahoo, Chair Professor, Bhima Bhoi, Research Chair, KISS-DU added that the concept of Intentionality is at the core of Husserlian Phenomenology. While we try to face the World of facts, we must understand the very essence which is at the care of phenomenological intuition. Prof. Mohanty has beautifully explained Life World, Intentionality (Noema. Noemata and Noesis) as descriptive science of essence. Intentionality is an activity of consciousness which is foundations of all genuine science of matters of fact.

Mr. Ramesh Chandra Panda, faculty Philosophy offered a formal Vote of Thanks. The meeting was attended by the PG students and Research Scholars of the School of TCPE, KISS-DU.