The School of Tribal Resource Management, KISS-DU organized a webinar on the topic “Tax Reforms and Economic Development : Unveiling India’s Performance” on 17th November 2023 as one of the collaborative activities under the MoU signed with G.M. University.

The guest speaker of the webinar was Dr. Priyabrata Panda, Head of Commerce Department, G.M. University. The event was also graced by the Head of Commerce Programme and faculty members of Tribal Resource Management, KISS-DU along with faculty members of G.M University. The webinar presented insights on the recent tax reforms in India and how it has impacted the economy. Dr. Panda also focused on the need of tax reforms and the effect it has on the social structure of a country. Focusing the tax reforms of India , Dr. Panda drew the attention of participants towards the challenge, advantages and prospects of such types of reforms on India.

He also discussed the opportunities highlighting the future consequences of such reforms in the context of India. The webinar concluded with a question and answer session followed by a Vote of Thanks.