The Internal Quality Assurance Cell and the Centre for Indigenous Science and Technology, KISS-DU jointly organized an invited talk on Entrepreneurship, Skilling and Employability of Youth on 28th April 2023 on the occasion of 175th birth anniversary of Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das. Mr. Partha Sarathi Mohanty, Senior Vice President, Hitachi, MGRM Net Limited graced the occasion as the esteemed speaker.

In his opening remarks, Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, KISS-DU, welcomed Mr. Partha Sarathi Mohanty warmly to the university. He gave him a short description of the various innovative programs undertaken by KISS-DU to enhance the learning experience of the university’s underprivileged tribal students.

Dr. Priyoneel Basu, Director (Research and Development Cell), on behalf of the Centre for Indigenous Science and Technology, introduced the distinguished speaker as an experienced software architect with a global outlook. Mr. Mohanty, he said, had provided large-scale technical solutions to top Government and private firms in India and several countries abroad. The world’s largest multinational companies had, he revealed, benefited from the single-source truth architecture, 3-layered and 3-tiered solutions that Mr. Mohanty had designed, helping create massive customer interfaces and generating jobs. Dr. Basu lauded Madhusudan Das as an emancipated and revolutionary thinker, lawyer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur in the British-ruled India of his times.

Mr. Mohanty expressed his great delight at meeting and interacting with the students of KISS-DU on the occasion. At the outset, he recounted how he had interacted with students from 20 countries on an occasion. He recalled how a Russian student whom he had advised worked together with a physically disadvantaged student from Israel, even though neither of them was fluent in English. He used this to point out how communication was more important than language. Utkalmani Madhusudan Das, he said, was an eloquent communicator, whose impassioned plea led to the formation of the Utkal Province.

Further, he remarked on the atmosphere of positivity and happiness that he saw at the University, and the spirit of self-reliance that he saw in the students. He described the students as shining examples of how the power of education can change lives. In his student-centric speech, he gave several inspiring examples where entrepreneurs had changed their own fate and that of others. Using Steve Jobs as an example, he explained how Jobs had received a lesson in self-satisfaction derived from excellence at work from his father. Jobs used this passion for quality to build a trillion-dollar business. Thus, he said, it is important to invest in oneself, and in one’s passions. He went on to describe how the core vision statement of Hiatchi, MGMR, was the complete physical and mental rehabilitation of mankind. Mr. Partha Mohanty volunteered to extend help in shaping the lives of the students of KISS-DU. He concluded his speech by a brief interaction session with the students.

Mr. Mohanty also gave away the prizes for the Oratory Competition organized by the students of KISS-DU.

Dr. Yasobanta Das, Co-Director, Centre for Indigenous Science and Technology, delivered the formal vote of thanks.