The Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) Deemed to be University (KISS-DU) signed an MoU with the Centre for Youth and Social Development (CYSD) on 17th November 2023. This partnership aims at strengthening academics, research, collaborations, learning exchange and other allied activities. The MoU signing ceremony was organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell, KISS-DU.

Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice Chancellor, KISS-DU in his Welcome Address, talked about the significance of signing MoU with CYSD from the perspective of NEP – 2020. He highlighted the importance of digitally mediated data collection through indigenous scholars and how CYSD can extend support in this regard. Professor Behera stressed on conducting internship activities and sessions on training of trainers in association with CYSD. Professor Behera suggested to collectively explore possible collaborations for direct field experience through immersion trips both for the students and the faculty members which will enrich their experiences while connecting theory with practice. He concluded by sharing some of the best practices adopted by KISS-DU in the context of creating active citizenship: Atmanirbharshil Janjatiya Yuva Udyami and Professors of Practice.

Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray Registrar, KISS-DU highlighted the objectives of signing this MoU, he added that this MoU is very close to our heart as it revolves around community empowerment. Drawing points from the similarities in the philosophy, ideologies and thrust areas on which both KISS and CYSD have been working on since their inception. He stated that community development has been a common and important factor in which both the institutions firmly believe. He also focused on some of the major livelihood activities taken up by both KISS and CYSD. Dr. Routray also emphasized the importance of attitude and involvement in achieving success in life. He said “though KISS-DU is in an infant stage, it is an honor to sign MoU with a 42-year-old institution as this MoU aims at translating theory into practice. We are proud to sign MoU with the right institution hence fostering the right kind of collaboration”., he concluded.

On the occasion, Shri Jagadananda, Mentor and Co-Founder, CYSD in his address said “This MoU is very important because of the commonalities in both institutions. Sharing his personal experience, he said that when you dive deeper into community level and getting at ground zero is important. He also delivered an invited lecture on “Active Citizenship Towards Participatory Governance” as an initiative to make the MoU functional. While delivering on the topic he presented in detail the three cornerstones of Participatory Governance: Participation; Transparency and Accountability. He highlighted the changing role of citizens from silence to voice by citizens; quantify voice and feedback and most importantly from reaction to informed action. He concluded by envisioning organizing some activities in the future like Community-based Participatory Research (CPBR), Immersion Programmes and Internship Programmes and Faculty Development Programmes

Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray Registrar, KISS-DU proposed the Word of Thanks to all present.