Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology of Ethiopia Dr. Shumete Gizaw  and Director General of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr. Simenew Keskes visited KIIT and KISS today. They became overwhelmed to see and feel the magnificence and uniqueness of KISS.

In this context, Dr. Gizaw said,

I have visited several places of the world. But  I have never seen such a noble work that is  gratifying inclusive growth of children through education which is being done meticulously at KISS.”

For these extraordinary works, he appreciated the endeavor of Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder of KIIT and KISS. He aspired to implement the KISS Model in his nation in days to come. He remarked that the manner by which education, research, science and technology is being utilized in KISS for the comprehensive development of children is really worth admiring.