The School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) Deemed to be University celebrated Bhartiya Bhasa Diwas on 11th December 2023 with fervour and enthusiasm. The event aimed at promoting and preserving linguistic diversity by encouraging students to express themselves in their mother tongues. The celebration was graced by Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, KISS-DU, Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray, Registrar, KISS-DU and other senior functionaries of the University.

The festivities began with the inauguration of Wall Magazines specially crafted for the occasion by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Professor Deepak Kumar Behera. These magazines served as a visual representation of the linguistic and cultural richness of the diverse tribes represented at the School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures. Following this, the “My Signature in My Mother Tongue” campaign was inaugurated, encouraging students to embrace and celebrate their cultural identity by signing their names in their respective mother tongues.

A seminar was conducted as the focal point of the event, where Postgraduate students and Ph.D. scholars from different programs such as English, Odia, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Santali presented their research topics in their native languages. Dr. Rasmita Tripathy, Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures, initiated the session by highlighting the significance of organizing Bhartiya Bhasa Diwas, followed by the inaugural address by Professor Deepak Kumar Behera. The student speakers then took the stage, presenting diverse topics related to tribal languages and cultures. The presentations included Golak Kanhar (PG 2nd Year Student – Odia Programme) on “Kandhamalara Loka Sanskruti o Loka Sahitya,” Ramachandra Kirsani (Ph.D Research Scholar – English Programme) on “Glimpse on Didayi Tribe and its Language and Culture,” Mangal Munda (Ph.D. Research Scholar – Hindi Programme) on “Munda Janajatiyon ki Samajik aur Sanskritik Adhyayan,” Santosh Majhi (Ph.D. Research Scholar – Sanskrit Programme) on “Kandhamalmandale Kandhasampradayasya Bhashasanskruti,” Guna Hembram(Ph.D. Research Scholar Scholar – Santali Programme) on “Bharatiya Parsi Maha,” Jogeswar Bhoi(PG 2nd Year Student – Odia Programme) on “Nuapada Jillara Dala Janajatinka Loka Sanskruti,” Sriram Pomar(PG 2nd Year Student – English Programme) on “The Folk Songs of Banjara Tribe,” Dhanurja Majhi(PG 2nd Year Student – Sanskrit) on “Gondasampradayasya Bhashasanskruti,” and Sadana Muduli (PG 2nd Year Studemt – English) on “Contemporary Situation of Didayi Language.”

The seminar received insightful remarks from Dr. Kanhu Charan Mahali, Director General, KISS Deemed to be University, Professor Bijay Satapathy, Emeritus Professor, KISS-DU, Professor Bijayananda Singh, Professor, Odia Programme, SCTLL, KISS-DU Deemed to be University, and Dr. Prashant Kumar Routray, Registrar, KISS-DU. The core theme of preserving and protecting indigenous languages was highlighted in the deliberations of the speakers which reflected on the School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures commitment to celebrate linguistic diversity and cultural heritage.

Dr. Chittaranjan Bhoi, Associate Professor and Head of the English Programme, SCTLL, KISS-DU extended a vote of thanks to everyone present.