Shanti Murmu

+3 IInd Year Science (Chemistry Hons.)

Indkholi, Mayurbhanj


The life story of Shanti Murmu, an eighteen years old Santal tribal girl from Indkholi village of Kanki GP of Bahalda bloc of Mayurbhanj district in Odisha, is an inspiring and heart touching story. Shanti was quite unfortunate to loose her mother while she was only five months old. Then, her paternal grandmother brought her up till she was three years old. Her father got married again and her suffering started from that day. Years rolled on. She joined village school, however, not much to study but to have a meal everyday at school. She was not treated well by her stepmother, even though her father loved her. Even while in school, she had to take care of cattle and often had to take cattle to field for grazing. Weekends used to be spent working in the fields. Nonetheless, she was not allowed to study at home. Tears rolled down her cheeks when she said, “My mother kicked my books if at all I sat to study. I was even denied food sometimes.”

However, later she joined and stayed in Dumadihi High School (one SCST Residential School), Rairngpur. Despite all odds, she always performed well in class and was able to pass matriculation with very good marks.


She was determined to excel in life. She came to know about KISS from her maternal uncle. With the help of her father, Shanti joined in +2 Ist Year Science Class in 2013. By then her parents also came to stay in a slum. Her father started working at a mason. KISS became a sweet home for Shanti. She quickly adapted to the campus life easily. Her brothers (one elder brother and two younger brothers) joined KISS too. Now, with very little worry, Shanti excelled in all fields in KISS- study, Judo, vocational activities and yoga. She is also an active member of debate group, LSE, KYS, peer educator and Red Cross Society. Now she is very happy that she is pursuing her graduation degree with Chemistry Honors .


She is not only good in studies but also she is very helpful to others. She always tries to keep others happy. If she finds anybody unhappy, she tries to solve their problem or to cheer them up by making jokes. She feels one’s behaviour in enough to change the negative surroundings into positive ones. With her persistent motivation, her mother has changed too. In 2016, she has been selected as a member of the Ashoka Youth Venture for her initiative “ Parivartan” first of such student to be selected from Odisha. Further in 2016, she was selected as a panelist to discuss gender inequality with Ms. Laxmi Puri of UN Women at Delhi and express her opinion at The Shared Value Sumit-2016 at Gurgaon. Now she wishes to a change agent of the society.