Professors of Practice

Sri Sobharam Padhan

Sri Sobharam Padhan is from the Kisan tribe of Sambalpur. He has been teaching the traditional Kissan dance called Naadu Geetu and has popularized this dance form all over the country.

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Sardar Shri Hari Juang

Sardar Shri Hari Juang is from the Juang tribe of Kendujhar. As evident from the honorific Sardar, he is the chief or headman of his tribe. He commands everyone’s respect in his tribe and adjudicates on all important affairs of his community. He is also a noted exponent of Changu musical instruments and traditional Juang music.

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Shri Kanda Charan Naik

Professor of Practice (Ho Language (Warang Chiti)) Shri Kanda Charan Naik belongs to the Ho tribe, and is an expert of Warang Chiti script, the written form of the Ho tribe. He teaches the Ho language to the tribal youth and has dedicated his life to the development of his language. Currently, he teaches Warang Chiti to the KISS-DU students.

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