Professors of Practice

Shri Somme Toppo

Professor of Practice (Oraon Dance (Karma)) Shri Some Toppo is from the Oraon tribe of Sundargarh and an accomplished Karma dancer. He has been teaching the Oraon young men and women the Karma dance form.

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Shri Masuram Gond

Professor of Practice (Gond Dance (Dandar / RelaRela) ) Shri Masuram Gond is from Nabrangpur, and he belongs to the Gond tribe. He is a senior and renowned vocal artiste at All India Radio, Jeypore. He does not just teach songs, but also trains the youth in Dandar and Rela Rela dances of his tribe.

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Shri Dakhina Murmu

Professor of Practice (Santal Dance (Danta)) Shri Dakhina Murmu, ethnically a Santhal, is from Mayrbhanj. He is a well-known exponent of the Danta dance of the Santhali tribe. It is a martial dance form in which the youth participate with the traditional weaponries.

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