Sanjukta Tirkey

+2, 1st Yr Arts
DOB: 22/01/2000 Sundergarh District

A very simple rustic girl Sanjukta belongs to Oram, a socioeconomic disabled tribal community of Sundargarh district of Odisha. Sanjukta is now pursuing her +2 level education in KISS. She lost her father Jerome Trikey at age of three, so she can’t even imagine how her father looks but she never forgets the hardships that the family had undergone.

Irrespective of all the obstacles, her mother who worked as a daily wage labourer in cultivation, managed to put them in local orphanage. In the badly managed orphanage, they hardly got food, both siblings used to cry and look agog if their mother would turn up to see them at least once in a year but that too was not slated in their fortune. From childhood she was very passionate about sports and games but she couldn’t have any means to engage herself. In such circumstances, in her school days while she showed her mettle, with school teachers’ assistance, she managed to stay in state sports hostel in Bhubaneswar and came contact with KISS sports students.

Fortunes smiles at those who are brave, with maternal uncle’s help, in 2014, she joined standard IX in KISS and her life turns a full circle; darkness and nightmares of those miserable days no more haunt her now, instead her passion and zeal of life starts dribbling with football.

Sanjukta first played in school level national game in Manipur. Inspired by Founder, Dr. Achyuta Samanta & her inspiration cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, she believes football is her religion.  The best thing she can do is to play for KISS, for state, and of course for India. In 2014,  India Camp at Kerala she took coaching and played against Srilanka and Indian Football Team was runners up and she was the best goalkeeper, then she played in Nepal.

She played Under 18 Junior at Goa, helped her team to achieve runners up, besides she played under 19, state level, and she took coaching second India Camp at Gujarat, for one month duration. Once Sanjukta was rejected because of her height in a camp and she was then sad but didn’t loss her heart and now along with state of art facilities in KISS, she today makes herself a successful international football player. In her community, girls are reluctant to participate in sports and games where she will inspire them and convince them that sports can be a career for not only boys but also for girls.