Adam L. Satterfield is a Major in the U.S. Air Force and a distinguished professional with over seventeen years of military service. He currently serves as a Chief of Staff of the Air Force Scholar, at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where he is pursuing a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration. His career is marked by significant achievements as a U.S. Air Force program manager, leading complex technology projects. He is committed to public service, particularly in the advancement of dual-use technology development, where military technologies find applications in civilian sectors, to enhance both national security and public welfare.

Previously, he earned a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership from Webster University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from the University of Indiana.

In his professional journey, Adam has held several significant positions within the U.S. Air Force including coordinating policies related to nuclear treaty monitoring, sophisticated software development projects, jet engine redesigns, and groundbreaking university research in 3D metal printing technology.