Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), Deemed to be University’s Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), Bhubaneswar, conducted a workshop on “Design Thinking, Critical Thinking & Innovation Design” on 2nd January 2023. Over 100 postgraduate and Ph.D. students of KISS-DU participated in the event. Dr. Tanushree Das, Asst. Prof, Member IIC (Innovation cell) addressed the gathering regarding the objective behind organizing the workshop and its relevance in the era of technology. She also highlighted its importance for the students of KISS-DU. The major topics covered in the session include Innovation, Innovative Knowledge, Choosing the right Ideas, and how to design an idea. Dr. Das also offered tips on the topic of using creative problem-solving techniques to develop new and innovative ideas. Some critical discussions in this workshop include Understanding the design thinking process and how it can be applied to a variety of practical application fields, evaluating and refining ideas and techniques for prototyping and testing concepts and making a way to foster a culture of innovation within an organization using critical thinking to assess the feasibility and potential impact of the idea. Overall, such a workshop provides insight and motivation to the participants with the tools and mindset needed to approach problems and challenges with a creative and open-minded perspective and to generate and develop new and innovative solutions using critical thinking.