The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in collaboration with the School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures, (SCTLL) organized a Distinguished Invited Lecture on “Policy Paradigm and Pedagogical Forms” under the Viksit Bharat@2047 initiative on 26th April 2024. The event aimed to delve into the intersection of policy paradigms and pedagogical forms in the context of contemporary education.

The event commenced with a warm Welcome Address by Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of KISS Deemed to be University, who extended a gracious welcome to all attendees.

Ms. Deepika Mohanty, a faculty member of SCTLL at KISS-DU, introduced the esteemed speaker, Professor N. Nagaraju, Vice Chancellor of Gangadhar Meher University and Professor Emeritus at KISS-DU. She highlighted Professor Nagaraju’s extensive credentials and expertise set the stage for an enlightening discourse.

In his address, Professor Nagaraju delved into the profound concept of “Viswa Guru” as envisioned by the Prime Minister, emphasizing the pivotal role of“Space”in societal dynamics. He articulated how space, far from being merely physical, encompasses intricate social dimensions that shape human interactions and societal structures. Drawing from critical theory, he explored the nuanced relationship between everyday life, social relations, and the production of space, underscoring the significance of understanding these dynamics in crafting effective educational policies.

Professor Nagaraju critically analysed the alignment of the National Education Policy NEP-2020 with global capitalism, offering astute observations on its implications for paradigmatic shifts and public welfare. He underscored the need for a comprehensive understanding of the dominant paradigm and its implications for educational reforms, particularly in the context of NEP-2020. Emphasizing the imperative of a skilled workforce, he advocated for innovative pedagogical approaches to harness the full potential of NEP-2020 and address the evolving needs of society.

An interactive session ensued, fostering engaging exchanges between the participants and the esteemed speaker, wherein diverse perspectives were explored and insights exchanged. Dr. Trailokya Nath Parida, Assistant Professor at KISS-DU, concluded the event with a heartfelt Word of Thanks, expressing gratitude to all attendees, organizers, and particularly Professor Achyuta Samanta, Hon’ble Founder of KISS, KIIT, and KIMS, for his unwavering support and visionary leadership in facilitating such enriching academic endeavours.

The Distinguished Invited Lecture on “Policy Paradigm and Pedagogical Forms” served as a thought-provoking platform for interdisciplinary discourse, offering valuable insights into the dynamic interplay between policy frameworks, pedagogical strategies, and societal transformations. Professor Nagaraju’s address provided a comprehensive understanding of the complexities inherent in educational policymaking and underscored the imperative of holistic approaches to address contemporary challenges in education. Overall, the event exemplified the commitment of KISS Deemed to be University to fostering academic excellence and innovation.

In conclusion, the Registrar, Director General, all Deans and the Directors, the IQAC Director, the Research Chair Professors and Professor Emeriti along with the Research Scholars of KISS-DU graced the event with their benign presence and the entire event was coordinated by Ms. Saima Khan Quadri, faculty of English in SCTLL.