Project Description

The Museum of Mankind at KISS-DU (Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences-Deemed to be University) celebrates the rich heritage of human cultures, focusing on the material culture of indigenous communities in Odisha. Located within the university’s campus, this museum is a testament to the diversity of our cultural heritage. It has been established in December 2021. Currently, the Museum is housed in a 20 ft X 15 ft room. It comprises five significant areas, each contributing to its unique charm as a vivid canvas of cultural creativity and craftsmanship:

  1. Tribal Jewelry: This museum section highlights the intricate and culturally significant jewellery crafted by indigenous communities in Odisha. It showcases the beauty and craftsmanship behind these adornments.
  2. Tribal Hunting & Fishing Equipment: The museum collected the tools and equipment used by indigenous communities in their hunting and fishing activities. These artefacts offer insights into the unique lifestyles and resourcefulness of these communities.
  3. Tribal Musical Instruments: Visitors can explore the melodic traditions of Odisha’s indigenous communities through a collection of unique musical instruments. These instruments not only produce enchanting sounds but also hold deep cultural value.
  4. Tribal Textile: The museum celebrates the textile traditions of indigenous groups in Odisha, showcasing vibrant colours and intricate patterns that narrate stories of cultural heritage.
  5. Tribal Painting: This section showcases traditional paintings created by indigenous communities, each stroke capturing the essence of their stories, myths, and rituals.

The Museum of Mankind at KISS-DU is more than just a collection of cultural artefacts; it embodies the rich heritage of Odisha’s indigenous communities. It serves as an educational platform, preserving and promoting cultural diversity, fostering cross-cultural appreciation, and honouring the essence of indigenous heritage.