Project Description

The Media Laboratory at KISS-DU provides cutting-edge technology and new media facilities. It was established in August 2021 to use ICT for research, research dissemination, and e-content preparation, including hardware and software solutions.  Currently, the Media Laboratory is housed in two 30 ft X 20 ft rooms.

  • Computers/Smart Screens – for recording data and computation 
  • 3D Printers – for prototyping 
  • Software – 
    • OBS Studio – for recording, live streaming, scene composition, audio mixing and video effects.
    • OpenShot Video Editor – Video Editing, Video Effects, Audi mixing.

This platform has been created to aid research and teaching pedagogy inside and outside classrooms. The Media Lab is a repository for precious audio-visual materials in a rapidly changing world. This innovative initiative is highly beneficial for students from indigenous communities with limited access to technology.

OBS Studio: for Recording, Live Streaming, Scene Composition, Audio Mixing and Video Effects