Project Description

  • Currently, the Ethnomedicine Laboratory is housed in a 30 ft X 19 ft air-conditioned room.
  • This laboratory generates first-hand field information on ethnomedicinal practices for their scientific validation as the studies on ethnomedicines are the pioneer natural attempts to combat human afflictions.
  • This laboratory is engaged in documenting traditional practices, collecting and identifying medicinal plants, and developing pharmacognostic and quality profiles of the medicinal plant and plant products used by indigenous communities.
  • The laboratory is also involved in developing crude drug discovery and herbaria.
  • This laboratory focuses on the therapeutic aspect of medicinal plants and the safety assessment of the medicinal plants/plant products used by the tribal people.
  • The safety assessment is carried out through different toxicity studies, i.e. dermato-toxicity, embryotoxicity, neurotoxicity etc, in the zebrafish model.
  • Screening the medicinal plants collected from different tribal populated areas of Odisha for their antiviral activities is also a significant laboratory focus.
  • The laboratory also screens different medicinal plants/Lichens for their anticancer activities.