School of Indigenous Knowledge Science and Technology (IKST), Mathematics Programme, KISS-DU organized a webinar on the topic ‘The Mahi Estuary: Hydrodynamics and Pollution Distribution’ on 9th April 2022.

In his webinar talk, Dr. Satyananda Panda, Department of Mathematics, NIT Calicut explained the factors that influence the distribution of pollutants in the Gulf of Khambhat and the Estuaries. He also talked about how the shallow water equations with turbulent friction models are used to represent the tidal movement of water in the Gulf. He used a simplified linearized version of these equations to help the audience understand why tidal amplitude and velocity can increase so dramatically up the Gulf in two idealized geometries. Dr. Panda stressed upon how a coupled system of partial differential equations that is spatially discretized and solved using an ODE solver describes the wave elevation and velocity. Physical data from the Gulf is used in the simulation. Furthermore, he gave a brief description of how water movement can be utilized to determine pollution transfer and thus dispersion in the Gulf.

Presenting a brief profile of KISS-DU, Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice-Chancellor spoke about the aim of Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KISS & KIIT behind building this noble institution. He hailed the efforts, vision and dedication of the Founder. While talking on the subject of the webinar, Professor Behera identified some valuable points of mathematical applications on the topic.

Dr. Pankajini Tripathy, Faculty Member, Mathematics Programme, KISS-DU coordinated the webinar. The session witnessed a stimulating question and answer session. The webinar was moderated by Dr. Sushant Mohapatra, Faculty Member, Mathematics Programme. Dr. Jasobanta Das, Dean, School of IKST offered a vote of thanks.