“Students should utilize the opportunity like Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS)” said, Prof. Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, Chairman and Founder of WMG at the University of Warwick, UK during his visit to KIIT and KISS on 9th September 2018. Delivering his speech to the students of KISS after going around different campuses of KIIT and different units of KISS he said, “I have visited many places in the world; I don’t think I have seen institute like KISS in anywhere .

I congratulate Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT and KISS for what he has achieved single -handedly. It is impossible to understand what KISS has achieved unless you see it with your own eyes”, he added. Education is the only way by which one can get success and empower oneself, said Prof. Bhattacharyya while advising students of KISS. He said, “What you want in your life, you can get that from this kind of platform like KISS. Education for the tribal community is an opportunity to change life”, he added. He thanked KIIT, KISS, Dr. Samanta and students of KISS for this remarkable achievement of KISS. Among others Lady Brigid Bhattacharyya, wife of Prof. Bhattacharyya; Dr. A. Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS; R. N. Dash, Secretary, KIIT & KISS and Prof. H. K Satapathy, VC, KISS Deemed to University and Dr. P. K. Routaray, CEO, KISS were also present on the occasion.