World Skill Center, Govt. of Odisha, ITEES, Singapore and KISS and KISS-DU jointly organized an Orientation Program on Skill Training in Beauty, Wellness, Hair Styling and Fashion Design on 11th July 2022. The World Skill Center (WSC) is a premier advanced skill training institute established by the Govt. of Odisha, Skill Development and Technical Education Department, through the Odisha Skill Development Authority (OSDA) in association with ITEES, Singapore. WSC caters primarily to induct the best talent and train them with innovative skills to become globally employable in emerging areas.

The Program was conducted to build awareness and explore avenues in beauty, wellness, hair styling and fashion design skill initiatives for the students of KISS and KISS-DU. The workshop provided an opportunity to the students to learn about the skilling initiatives and prospects in the beauty and wellness sector.

The Program was attended by Ms. Suguna Srinivasan, Director-School of Services, WSC, and ITEES, Singapore who educated the students about the skilling initiative, program, and prospects in details about Beauty, Wellness, Hair Styling and Fashion Design. It was also attended by Ms. Ashima Priyadarshini from WSC, Bhubaneswar.

Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice-Chancellor, KISS-DU initiated a discussion with the team of WSC, ITEES, Singapore and KISS-DU on necessary further steps relating to skill training in the beauty and wellness sector.

Earlier, Mr. Soumendra Choudhury, Director-Skill Education, KISS discussed about the opportunities to learn new skills, particularly in the beauty and wellness sector and also facilitated the program. Dr. Kanhu Charan Mahali, Director General, KISS-DU motivated students to undertake different vocational training and skills. Dr. Snigdharani Panda, Chairperson, Council of Deans, KISS-DU offered her insights and proposed a vote of thanks to all. Dr. Disha Bhatt, Assistant Professor, KISS-DU coordinated the entire program. The interactive session was attended by around 100 students.