The Bhima Bhoi Research Chair, KISS Deemed to be University organized a webinar on the ‘Philosophy of Bhima Bhoi’ on 18th December, 2020. This academic platform witnessed erudite lectures by eminent academicians on the themes – ‘Bhima Bhoi: The Poet of the People’ and the ‘Place of Bhima Bhoi in Indian Santha Tradition’.

While a few scholarly studies in Odia have been made on the philosophy and poetry of Bhima Bhoi, the Bhima Bhoi Research Chair, established at KISS-DU in April, 2018, aims to research and record the impact of this philosopher-poet on the life and literature of Odisha. Santha Kabi Bhima Bhoi (1850-1895) was an Odia poet, composer and singer who preached Mahima Dharma, promoting the welfare of humanity and liberation of the world, alongside his deeply incisive analyses of life. His popular assertion “Mo jeevan pachhe narke padi thau, jagata udhara heu” (No matter if my life remains in hell, let the world achieve salvation) showcases his dedication to the upliftment of socially deprived, while being a clear reflection of contemporary socio-economic conditions in the State. To this day, his songs (Jananas and Bhajans) are sung by common folk, as well as pursued with great interest by literary and culture enthusiasts.

Speaking on the theme ‘Bhima Bhoi: The Poet of the People’, Professor Pabitra Mohan Nayak, Former Registrar, Berhampur and Sambalpur University said, “It is in the fitness of things that KISS-DU is organizing a webinar on the works of Bhima Bhoi as KISS reverberates the philosophy of Bhima Bhoi through humanity, compassion and brotherhood. Bhima Bhoi heard about the infinite sufferings and his work revolved around intolerance, social security, how women are voiceless and had no place in the society.”

Professor Santosh Kumar Rath, Chair Professor, Bhima Bhoi Research Chair, Gangadhar Meher University, Sambalpur shared his scholarly thoughts on the theme ‘The Place of Bhima Bhoi in Indian Santha Tradition’. He stressed on some of the attributes of Bhima Bhoi and underlined his qualities of being a visionary, focus on Bhakti and Jagannath Cult, ways of achieving salvation and most importantly how he prayed for the entire world.

Earlier, Professor Harish Chandra Sahoo, Chair Professor, Bhima Bhoi Research Chair, in his welcome address, introduced the distinguished speakers, and briefed on the aims and objectives of the webinar. Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray, Registrar KISS-DU threw light on the fact that the philosophy of Bhima Bhoi is in sync with the philosophy of the Founder of KISS, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, as this pristine organization works for the downtrodden. “The purpose behind establishing the Bhima Bhoi Research Chair is to bring to light the sacrifices and the works of Bhima Bhoi and to popularize his work across the globe. KISS-DU has taken proactive steps in creating a pool of resources for the people who are keen on pursuing research on Bhima Bhoi and we at KISS also endeavour to serve as a resource centre for enthusiastic research scholars who wish to take up the poetry and the works of Bhima Bhoi as their research topic”, Dr. Routray added.

“Bhima Bhoi was a revolutionary and had the capacity of seeing the past, present and future. The entire education system is based on truth and so is the philosophy of Bhima Bhoi. The objectives of KISS are aligned with the ideologies expounded by Bhima Bhoi”, said Professor Harekrishna Satapathy, Advisor, KISS-DU. Professor Bijayananda Singh, Chair Professor, Gopabandhu Research Chair, KISS-DU delivered the vote and thanks and expressed gratitude to all the dignitaries for gracing the event.