The PostGraduate Programme of Geography, School of Tribal Resource Management (TRM), KISS-DU organized a lecture programme and student events on the occasion of World Earth Day on 22nd April 2022. KISS has been addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, since its inception and the lectures are aimed at reminding everyone that we are behind on achieving The Global Goals and providing an opportunity to focus on the urgent action needed to protect people and the planet. The KISS-DU fraternity showed its commitment to addressing SDG – 13 Climate Change and SDG – 15 Life on Land.

In his deliberation, Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice-Chancellor, KISS-DU reflected upon the genesis of “World Earth Day” or “Mother Earth Day”. He talked about the 1970  movement which was started in the USA by Senator Gaylord Nelson. He mobilized and influenced around 20 million people from across the USA who thronged the streets of different cities to demonstrate the cause and concern about the planet earth. “Tribal people have always displayed their respect and concern towards nature in general and mother earth in particular. They worship different animals, birds, and trees as part of their custom”, he stated.

Professor Namita Mohanty, Professor Emerita, KISS-DU said, it is high time that we should be aware of the harm that has already been done and start taking care of planet Earth. Professor Gopal Krishna Panda, Professor Emeritus, KISS-DU spoke about “Critical trends in the global environment and what we should invest in the planet?” He elaborated on the existence of a paradox between development and the environment while blaming the developed countries for the state of the current environment.

On the occasion, a short drama on Mother Earth was performed by the students of M.A. in Geography, School of Tribal Resource Management KISS – DU. It was staged by Pramila Majhi, Urmila Batra, Prem Singh Majhi, Raju Urlaka, Mayaba, and others. Students’ Opinions, Poems and Poster Sessions were also held. Among others, Faculty Members of the Geography Programme, Ms. Sourava Goswami and Mr. Ranjan Kumar Baral also spoke.