It’s not what you give, but how you give, that’s important. And the very essence of the ‘art’ lies not in one-off act but practising and promoting ‘giving’ as a way of life, suffusing hope, happiness and harmony.Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and other senior functionaries along with NSS Programme Officers and NSS volunteers distributed on 17th May 2022.

The ‘culture of giving’ is the antithesis of a ‘culture of having’. The western culture is primarily afflicted by an obsession for maximization of possession. Somehow that obsession for maximization of possession is gradually creeping into our collective psyche as well. So, in order to counterbalance that, we need to    understand the Art of Giving in proper perspective, and propagate it as a mass movement.

The NSS Bureau of KISS-DU joined in the 9-year-old movement of Art of Giving founded by Hon’ble Founder of KIIT & KISS, Dr. Achyuta Samanta. who has been espousing the Art of Giving since 2013, from a philosophy of life to a wide civic movement, spreading peace and happiness. It was based on the theme is: Hope, Happiness and Harmony – a befitting one, in the wake of Covid Pandemic, which has put the entire world out of gear. It is all about creating an unconditional and sustainable love, peace and happiness for others, through gestures of kindness and generosity, in the current gloomy scenario across the globe. Comforting Covid-19 patients or their family members or initiatves like ‘Pyar Bhara Pack’ have helped in world healing. Hope, Happiness and Harmony (3H); Plant a tree, plant Hope; Happiness for someone you love and care and Harmony for gifting a pen because nothing is more harmonising than education.