The Centre for Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship, KISS-DU in collaboration with the School of Tribal Resource Management, KISS-DU observed World Entrepreneurs Day on 22nd August 2022 and the students of M.Com., 3rd Semester as well as the faculty members of the School of Tribal Resource Management, KISS-DU participated in the programme.

Speaking on the occasion, the Resource Person, Dr. Gouri Shankar Beriha, Assistant Professor, Commerce, School of Tribal Resource Management, KISS-DU spoke on the topic ‘Challenges and Opportunities for decent work and economic growth of Indian entrepreneurs’ and discussed the concept as well as the importance of Entrepreneurship in Indian context. He listed the challenges faced by the Indian Entrepreneurs and also discussed about the case studies of successful Indian Entrepreneurs. He focused on the Sustainable Development Goal – 8 of the United Nations, which relates to the Decent Work and Economic Growth of a country. The talk also focused on the innovative techniques that Indian entrepreneurs are bringing in to build sustainable cities and communities. The thrust area of Dr. Beriha’s talk was indigenous entrepreneurship and how it plays a seminal role in the context of KISS.

It was an interactive session followed by question-and-answer session. Many of the students expressed their desire to become entrepreneurs in the future by utilizing the available local resources to promote sustainable development.