The Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences Deemed University (KISS-DU) celebratedWorld Anthropology Day on 15th February, 2024.

Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice Chancellor, KISS-DU and a reputed Anthropologist, in his Welcome Address, spoke about the significance of celebrating the World Anthropology Day. He said that this Day is being observed since 2015 on every Third Thursday of February Month by the American Anthropological Association. Initially it was named as National Anthropology Day. He added that KISS is an institution of innovation exclusive for indigenous students. He expressed his gratitude to Professor (Dr.) Achutya Samanta, the Hon’ble Founder of KISS, KIIT and KIMS for his wonderful contribution and kind work for the development of the Tribal Society. The purpose of the observation of this auspicious day is to highlight the importance of Anthropology in everyday life. How Anthropology as a discipline understands diverse problems of a society as well as how this subject resolves the various problems of the society. As an Anthropologist one should learn many things; good listener, well manner, good resource mobilizer from community perspectives, conflict resolution, how to develop empathetic knowledge etc. He advised young Indigenous students to study their society and culture through Auto-Ethnography and Auto-Ethnology research.

Professor Kamal Kanta Misra, Professor Emeritus, KISS-DU and a popular Anthropologist in India spoke about the importance of the Day where he recalled his classroom teaching and  said that he needed one blackboard where he could use his traditional teaching method and can discuss the Anthropological theory and its proper application. He also highlighted the dark area of Anthropology practices in India and why Anthropological knowledge is lacking among Indian scholars. In this regard, he emphasized more on Anthropological theory and its importance and how theory looks a society or culture to understand its structure.

Professor Akhila Bihari Ota, Professor Emeritus, KISS-DU and an Anthropologist working among the PVTGs in Odisha talked on how Anthropologists must understand the subject and its application to the Society. Anthropologists need connection and collaboration with the Society, he stressed. Through his deliberation emphasized on the PVTGs and their  challenges in Odisha and how Anthropologists can play a pivotal role in overcoming the problems through the community connectivity.

Professor Nirmal Chandra Dash, Professor Emeritus, KISS-DU addressed his journey as an Anthropologist and how the works of a renowned Anthropologist, Professor N.K. Behura inspired him to become an Anthropologist.  Anthropology study Human Beings based on yesterday, today and tomorrow, he added. Professor Dash also highlighted the significance of History of Anthropology. Anthropologists must value their culture as well as the culture of others, he added. He concluded the speech by stating the importance of fieldwork in Anthropology.

The Chief Speaker Professor Amareswar Galla, Pro Chancellor, KISS-DU talked on famous Anthropological writings and how inter-disciplinary approach is necessary to understand the different social issues in recent times. He also talked on National Education Policy of India and its restructure. He emphasized on Museum Study, the value of Indigenous Knowledge, the future of Anthropology, Industry of Tourism, Climate Crisis, Disaster Management, and recent Covid-19 Challenges.

The session concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray, Registrar, KISS-DU.