The Patent Office, Kolkata under Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell, School of Comparative Indic Studies and Tribal Sciences, Centre for Indigenous Science and Technology and Centre for Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship of KISS-DU organized a webinar on ‘IPR Awareness’ on 23rd May 2022. Mr. Dhiren Pattanayak, Examiner of Patents and Designs IPO, Kolkata and Mr. Pritish Ranjan Pradhan, Examiner of Patents and Designs, IPO Kolkata were invited as distinguished Resource Persons.

In their joint presentation both the Resource Persons – Mr. Dhiren Pattanayak and Mr. Pritish Ranjan Pradhan spoke on their areas of expertise. They congratulated KISS-DU for having established a concrete IPR policy. They said that this property has stemmed from the human intellect since the Industrial Revolution. They also gave examples how tangible properties contain intellectual properties within them. Just as tangible property has legal rights involved, intangible IPRs.

Mr. Pattanayak explained to the students that not only innovative idea, but talents stemming from the brain, such as paintings, music, singing, etc., may also become IPR, and rights may be secured from them. He encouraged the students to understand that scientific inventions, the look and feel of a design, literary or artistic works, logos and brands, and specific products are all subject to intellectual property rights. These divisions are analogous to teeth in the mouth – every tooth has a specific function. Speaking in the interest of the students, he gave detailed examples of each category of IPR, and how designs may evolve over years and remain unique. He provided specific examples of how indigenous communities secured protection in the name of the tribe for their unique designs and products, such as the Cowichan Sweater, Kandhamal Haldi, and trademarks. On the subject of Copyrights, he gave case study of Haldhar Nag described the scope and ambit of the subjects covered by copyrights, and how susceptible they were to infringement and subsequent legal protection. Mr.Pradhan then explained how Makrana Marble, Nagpur Orange, Banarasi Silk, Ratlami Sev, and Darjeeling Tea, and a multitude of products from odisha, including Pippili appliqué, Konark carvings, Rosogolla, Pattachitra, Sambalburi bandha saree, and Ganjam Kewda were all awarded GI tags, and how this was important in securing their identity.

Spekaing earlier Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, welcomed the guests warmly and invited them to KISS-DU in order to conduct a face-to-face workshop. He outlined the unique features of KISS-DU, and said how securing Intellectual Property rights were important to the young faculty and researchers of KISS-DU. He mentioned how the seven innovative schools and seven Innovative Centres of KISS-DU. He mentioned how a vibrant innovation ecosystem was being created with innovative steps such as the Tribal Advisory Council and the appointment of Professors of Practice.

Speaking on the occasion, the Revered Registrar, Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray, said that multiple steps have been taken by KISS-DU to foster an ecosystem where researchers would receive awareness of IPR instruments and to encourage research and innovation. He explained how the University had set up an IPR Cell with a well-defined IPR policy, and was encouraging researchers with substantial support for IPR registration. KISS-DU was also encouraging entrepreneurship amongst its students, he further said. Dr. Routray thanked the speakers for conducting the awareness program, and hoped that the faculty and students of KISS-DU would find the program enlightening.

Dr. Priyoneel Basu acted as the compere and moderator on behalf of KISS-DU, while Dr. Disha Bhatt, Deputy Cooridnator summed up the session and proposed Vote of Thanks.