Pro Chancellor of KISS, Prof. Dr. Amareswar Galla, former Vice President of ICOM, Paris, recently shared key insights as a keynote speaker at the International Seminar on “Museums for Education and Research” held on May 18, 2024. The seminar, organized by the Department of Museology at Aligarh Muslim University in collaboration with ICOM-INDIA and ICBCP, brought together experts and scholars to explore the evolving role of museums in addressing pressing societal challenges.

During his keynote address, Prof. Galla emphasized the transformative potential of museums in education and research. He advocated for a National Review of Museum Collections in India, stressing the importance of creating a comprehensive database to enhance accessibility and research opportunities. While discussing museum collections and definitions, he raised the urgent need for museums to address the climate crisis. He emphasized the role of museums in promoting climate awareness and advocating for climate mitigation strategies. Prof. Galla also underscored the importance of inclusivity within museum spaces, calling for greater accessibility for Dalits and Indigenous communities.

Prof. Galla also highlighted KISS’s significant contributions to museum education and research. He praised KISS for developing international standard modules under the National Education Policy (NEP) and for its interdisciplinary approach. He also acknowledged KISS’s commitment to cultural justice, accessibility, and safeguarding intangible heritage, underscoring its leadership in the museum sector.

Reflecting on the seminar, Prof. Galla stated, “It was inspiring to see the dedication and passion of participants in exploring the potential of museums as educational and cultural institutions. By working together, we can harness the power of museums to address pressing global challenges and promote positive social change.”

The seminar concluded with a call to action for collaborative efforts between government, universities, and museums to ensure the continued relevance and impact of museums in the 21st century.