KISS Foundation has extended helping hand to two differently abled girls Jyotsna Majhi of Daringbadi(Kandhamal) and Laxmi Patra of Sonepur. Aiming to become self-reliant, these two girls came to Bhubaneswar. After undergoing vocational training, Jyostna and Laxmi earned their bread and butter from DTP and Tailoring jobs respectively. However the Corona pandemic blocked their headway and snatched their livelihood. Consequently the landlord ousted them out of his house.

They have desperately been staying in a school for the last 4 months leaving all to their fates. Knowing about their plights from the media, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KISS Foundation decided to help the duo Jyotsna and Laxmi, who met Dr. Samanta at KISS today. Dr Samanta interacted with them and came to know about their problems. The Founder assured them to extend all possible assistance on behalf of KISS Foundation including their employment at KISS. “Soon, necessary steps will be taken for their staying and employment at KISS”, said Dr. Samanta.

For their maintenance and routine expenses, Dr. Samanta donated five thousand rupees to each on behalf of KISS Foundation. Jyotsna and Laxmi have conveyed their gratitude to the KISS Foundation and Dr. Samanta for their generosity. “Actually, KISS Foundation and Dr. Samanta have enabled us  see a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel”, they said.