The School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures, KISS-DU observed Fakir Mohan Jayanti on 15th January 2024. A student seminar was organized on the occasion. Dr. Rasmita Tripathy, Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures delivered the Welcome Address. Dr. Tripathy shed light on the significance of Fakir Mohan Jayanti and its relevance in contemporary times.

Following the inaugural address, the stage was taken over by student speakers from the PG 2nd Year, Odia Programme, SCTLL, KISS-DU. Golak Kanhar, Jugeswar Bhoi, and Jugson Nayak eloquently presented their perspectives on Fakir Mohan Jayanti, discussing its historical context, literary contributions, and enduring legacy. Their speeches captivated the audience and provided valuable insights into the life and works of Fakir Mohan.

Further, Dr. Chittaranjan Bhoi, Associate Professor and Head of the English Programme at SCTLL, KISS-DU, graced the gathering with his address. Dr. Bhoi shared scholarly observations on the literary prowess of Fakir Mohan and highlighted the relevance of his writings in the context of modern literature.

The seminar concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Lusi Priyadarshini Nayak, Assistant Professor and Head of the Odia Programme at SCTLL, KISS-DU. Dr. Nayak expressed gratitude to all the participants, speakers, faculty members, and attendees for their active involvement in making the seminar a success.

Apart from the aforementioned speakers and organizers, several other esteemed faculty members from the School of Comparative Tribal Languages and Literatures were present, hence enriching the seminar with their presence and scholarly contributions.

The Student Seminar on Observance of Fakir Mohan Jayanti provided a platform for academic discourse and cultural enrichment, reaffirming the commitment of KISS-DU towards promoting literary heritage and academic excellence.