The School of Tribal Resource Management (STRM), KISS-DU organized a special talk on “Viksit Bharat @2047: Financial Literacy: Make A Right Start: Become Financially Smart”, on 12th April 2024.

Dr. Liji Panda, Assistant Professor and Head of Commerce Programme, STRM extended a warm welcome and outlined the objectives of conducting this special talk. On this occasion the Esteemed speakers Professor Jugal Kishore Mishra, Director, IQAC,KISS-DU delivered a talk on the said topic. During the keynote address, Professor Mishra elucidated on Viksit Bharat @2047, and how it encompasses understanding of various aspects of managing money, including budgeting, saving, investing, borrowing, and protecting against financial risks. It involves having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make informed financial decisions that align with one’s goals and circumstances. He also addressing the challenges associated with financial literacy requires a multi-faceted approach involving collaboration among governments, educational institutions, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and communities.

Dr. Snigdharani Panda, Chairperson of Deans cum Dean, STRM also addressed the gathering and delivered on the importance of Financial Literacy. Dr. Ch. Sudipta Nanda, Assistant Professor emphasized on the current state of financial literacy. Further, faculty members of the School shared their perspectives on Viksit Bharat and drew a connection between Viksit Bharat@2047 and financial literacy.

Professor Jyotirmay Mohanty, senior professor, KISS-DU, wrapped up the session by sharing his reflections and while proposing the vote of thanks, he expressed gratitude to all the staff and students for their cooperation and participation in making the event a success.