The School of Indigenous Knowledge, Science and Technology (IKST) of KISS Deemed to be University organized a Distinguished Invited Lecture on 20th July 2022 on the topic titled – ‘To Change the Climate, Change Your Mind’. Mr. Stanislas Lajugie, Foreign Affairs Ministry, France, delivered this talk online. He works for the Foreign Ministry of France and has worked several years at the crisis centre in Paris and was posted in China, India, Turkey, Slovakia, and Bangladesh. The event was offered by Heartfulness Institute which is a global non-profit organization with thousand of trainers who serve more than a million meditators in over 160 countries. The Institute believes that heartfulness, relaxation, meditation techniques are studied and revealed to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing emotional intelligence, and exploring the heights and depths of human consciousness.
Speaking on the occasion, the Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, highlighted the importance of cross-disciplinary study; holistic learning that could bring about significant changes in the attitude which results in becoming more responsible and having a sustainable lifestyle. He extended a special invitation to Mr. Lajugie, to visit KISS-DU in person, and interact with the students and faculty, which will certainly be beneficial for the students.
In his talk, Mr. Lajugie stated that the world was on the brink of a sixth major extinction event, and that the horrific extinction rates seen today were mostly due to anthropogenic causes. He stated that the negative impact of anthropogenic factors on climate, the loss of habitat due to human greed, and the current state of the environment could only be reversed through relaxed and responsible behavior, and through mindfulness and what he termed “heartfulness”. He stated that certain experiments proved that the heart showed anticipatory responses to events ahead of the brain. He then integrated this information into a system that he termed “Heartificial Intelligence”, consisting of an openness of the mind, heart, and hand, and the practice of relaxation. Mr. Lajugie called for the addition of such techniques to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
Mr. Lajugie also demonstrated his relaxation technique through participation, which was enjoyed by the students and faculty. Professors Emeriti spoke on the occasion, lauding Mr. Lajugie for his talk and practical demonstration. Dr. Priyoneel Basu, Associate Professor, KISS-DU, also spoke on the occasion, reiterating the Honourable Vice-Chancellor’s invitation. Dr. Yasobanta Das, Dean, School of Indigenous Knowledge, Science and Technology (SIKST), coordinated the event, and Dr. Bikram Keshari Das, Associate Professor, SIKST, delivered a formal vote of thanks.