The School of Tribal Heritage and Tribal Indology, KISS-DU observed the International Education Day and National Girl Child Day on 24th January 2023. Professor Bana Bihari Mishra, Professor Emeritus, KISS-DU was invited as the chief speaker on the occasion. The aim of the observance of these days is to develop awareness among the people on the importance of education, promotion of positive attitude towards girl child, girls’ education, their health, and nutrition.

KISS-DU has been directly and indirectly meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This event addressed SDG – 4 (Quality Education) and SDG – 5 (Gender Equality).

Weaving a connection between Education and Gender, Professor Mishra in his speech highlighted the literacy rate of our country during the post-independence period, constitutional provisions relating to education, role of education in the socio-economic development of individuals and of the nation, importance of educating girls and their participation in all fields. He said that women constitute fifty percent of the world population and that of our nation too. He appealed the tribal students of the institution to sensitize the people of their society and contribute in nation building. He said in our country and more particularly in Odisha, accessibility to school education is no more a major problem. It is the responsibility of all citizens to ensure that no one is deprived of completing school education.

Dr. Sujata Acharya, Head of Education Programme said that education is a fundamental right of all citizens in our country and should be exercised by all. India has been observing 11th November every year as National Education Day since 2008. Similarly, India has been observing 24th January as National Girl Child Day since 2008. This 24th January is also being observed as International Education Day since 2019 as resolved in the United Nations General Assembly on 3rd December, 2018. Dr. Acharya highlighted the contributions of KISS-DU in promoting girls; education as 60 percent students of the institution are the girls.

The students shared their feelings of how education changed their lives in KISS from their personal experience. They highlighted the quote “Education is the third eye of a child”, truly reflected in KISS-DU as said by Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Hon’ble Founder KIIT & KISS. They said KISS-DU provides world class facilities for the holistic development of all students.

Ms. Saswati Jena, Assistant Professor, Education coordinated the programme and Ms. Guddi Shaktinanda, faculty Education proposed a Word of Thanks to all the participants. Over 63 students showed their overwhelming response in the seminar.