The School of Tribal Legal Studies and Tribal Rights, KISS-DU, launched a two-week Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on ‘Development of Online Courses for SWAYAM’ in collaboration with Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) on 5th May 2022.

Inaugurating the FDP, Professor P. C. Joshi, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Delhi & Member of Board of Management, KISS-DU said, “As a student, we had nothing, and even a slide projector was a big thing during those days. Today we have reached the zenith of technology.” While sharing his thoughts on NEP, he said that accessibility, equity, and quality are the three pillars of NEP, and it has internationalized and Indianized higher education. Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) and multiple entry and exit are welcome steps, he added, while stressing that MOOC is not a replacement for teachers; instead, it is a platform to enhance quality.

In her address, Dr. Madhu Parhar, Director of CEMCA praised the journey of KISS from school to university. She said that KISS has achieved this with forward-thinking to improve education with stress on quality. Online education gained popularity with policymakers, academicians, and educationalists with the Covid-19, and over 10,000 teachers have benefited from MOOC courses. The Ministry of Education has introduced several reforms, including educating everyone and improving the GER. She concluded by saying that soon KISS-DU will share proposals on the SWAYAM platform like KIIT-DU. Dr. Manas Ranjan Panigrahi, Senior Programme Officer, CEMCA, introduced the course to the participants and shared some of the initiatives by the Government under Digital India. Referring to NEP, he said it ensures quality, equality, and equity. It endeavors to offer more and more courses to reach the unreached. Dr. Panigrahi also spoke about the genesis of the MOOC Course.

While addressing the participants, Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice-Chancellor, KISS-DU, said, “We are glad to see an overwhelming response from over 400 registered participants. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted higher education significantly. We are grateful to CEMCA for extending support when the education system was sailing through turbulent waters. Our teachers started updating and upgrading their skills by learning about MOOC. It has no boundaries as it offers a broad spectrum for teachers teaching at school-level to higher education”. Professor Behera shared his expectations from NEP-2020 and added that platforms like these would ensure teachers’ personal and professional development.

Speaking earlier, Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray, Registrar, KISS-DU, said that our association with CEMCA goes back to 2020, wherein a roadmap was prepared to strengthen the e-learning system. “KISS and KISS-DU faced many challenges with the pandemic outbreak, but with the support of CEMCA, we came up with the innovative solution of offering MOOC courses. Our first cohort was launched on 30th April 2021, and the second on 25th November 2021. I congratulate the Course Instructors for designing the courses and wish all the participants a happy learning experience”, he concluded.

Er. Atul Nag, Associate Professor, KISS-DU briefed the participants about the course. Dr. Iswar Chandra Naik, Chairperson of Council of Deans, KISS-DU, offered a vote of thanks, and Dr. Disha Bhatt, Deputy Coordinator, IQAC, KISS-DU moderated the session.