Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) has embarked on its 4th journey into Guinness Book of World Records. The tribal students are all geared up to record for most people brushing their teeth simultaneously at a single venue.

Facilitated by Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences, KISS Foundation has partnered with Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry(IAPHD) and Colgate Palmolive India Limited, reputed for dental care products to organise the event. Also, celebrating November 7th every year as ‘National Tooth Brushing Day’ and this year coinciding with the silver jubilee, IAPHD considered no better day than to collaborate on this particular day with a purpose to raise awareness for oral hygiene lack of which leads to numerous dental diseases including oral cancer. As many as 25,000 students will participate in creating the world record and promote oral hygiene through this activity.

Guinness World Records has previously recognised KISS for the double world record in ‘largest human sentence’ reading “WE URGE FOR WORLD PEACE” and ‘Most simultaneous high-fives’ at the same event on a single day in December 2015 and the 3rd world record in attending Largest Laughter Yoga Class in the world in August 2017 created by the students of KISS.

KISS in Odisha, India is the largest free residential institute in the world, which imparts holistic education from KG to PG to 30,000 tribal children.