KISS-DU organized an international Distinguished Invited Lecture on ‘Transforming Education: KISS Model of Holistic and Multidisciplinary Education’ on 13th December 2022. Ms. Jane Sassienie, Global Innovation and Capacity, Director, Bridge Institute, Mr. Sashi Velath, Executive Director, Bridge Institute and Mr. Andrew Kane from Bridge Partnership spoke on the occasion. Bridge Institute is non-profit organization that is working to build peaceful and inclusive societies. The talk was attended by Senior Functionaries, Faculty, Students and Research Scholars of KISS-DU.

Speaking in the context of KISS, Professor Deepak Kumar Behera, Vice Chancellor KISS-DU highlighted some of the initiatives taken up by KISS to foster quality education which is SDG – 4. He said that it is a university of innovation with its distinctiveness. In addition to education, we provide skilling courses like logistics training by 21 CC and various vocational training programmes. He added that we have taken up innovative moves and started functioning of ley committees like Tribal Advisory Council, and Working Committee for the protection, promotion and preservation of tribal cultural diversity. KISS-DU has embraced traditional intellectuals which are Professor of Practice and modern intellectuals Professor Emeriti. While sharing the major milestones achieved this year, he added that we won the UNESCO King Sejong Literary Prize 2022 for Mother Tongue-Based Learning.

Appreciating the work done by KISS, Mr. Sashi Velath said that KISS believes in giving equal opportunity and equal value. It has been working towards building a just society. Talking on the topic, Mr Velath said that education can be used to come up with sustainable collective achievable solutions to social problems.  Education broadens our horizons and teaches us to work in a group and make the world a better place. Citing example, he said that this is exactly what KISS is doing. Ms. Jane Sassienie and Mr. Andrew Kane from Bridge conducted brainstorming exercises with the students in order to sensitize them on pertinent areas like gender based violence and human trafficking and the role of education in creating awareness on such sensitive issues.