Hundreds of Buddhist monks and their followers visited KIIT and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) on January 5, 2019. They went around different campuses of KIIT and different units of KISS and blessed 27,000 poor tribal students of KISS, while addressing them in their prayer assembly.

The visiting monks had learnt about KISS from different sources. They thanked Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS for his tireless effort towards creation of such a huge organization. They were astonished to see KISS and 27000 underprivileged children at one place, residing and getting education in a disciplined manner. Dr. Sulemas Suthisamphat, Consultant committee President; and Ms. Orowan, President, Thai-Indochina Friendship Association participated in distribution of study materials and chocolates to the students.

Prof. Bimalendu Mohanty, President, Mahaboddhi Society, Odisha Chapter said, the Indo-Thai Friendship Association inquired about KISS after reading about KISS in his articles published in various media and books. After getting an invitation from Mahaboddhi Society, Odisha Chapter, they visited KISS and offered pens, chocolates and study materials to the students. They also took their lunch in KISS.

Expressing his happiness, Dr. Achyuta Samanta said,

“We feel overwhelmed with the presence of so many Buddhist monks and great souls here in KISS campus. We are very much happy and amazed to see their love and affection towards these 27000 poor tribal students at KISS. I am personally indebted to them for their kind presence and visit both KIIT & KISS”.